Philosothon Project
Online application form for 2018
Remote Travel Grant
This grant will be available to any school that is not located in one of the
major capital cities
where there is already a Philosothon. Australasian
chools are eligible to apply. The total amount of subsidy for Remote
Schools is $15,000 AUS $5000 per annum.  Much depends on the distances
involved and the type of transport required. But we estimate the five teams
of five students, 25 in total + 5 teachers would receive
$1000 for each
school per year. In total this would mean 75 students from 15 schools would
receive the subsidy over the life of the project. If you are from a remote
school and would like to participate in a Philosothon that involves some
travel. Please consider firstly applying for funding to host a Philosothon.
Otherwise fill in the following application.
Email Address
Phone Number
Brief CV of the supervising teacher;
Which Philosothon are you wanting to attend and who do you need this funding for?
Please note that in submitting this form you are indicating that you are applying for
this funding and are happy to pay for any gap that might apply.
This project was made possible through the support of a grant from Templeton Religion Trust.
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