Current Philosothons

FAPSA Australasian Philosothon-This has been running since 2011. It is held yearly and teams are invited to attend on the basis of
their success in the state or regional Philosothons.Contacts Dr Laura D'Olympio-
Matthew Wills -

UK Philosothon-The first UK Philosothons are planned for 2013/14. Contact Father Mark Smith - or
Julie Arliss -
or Dr Michael Lacewing - Click here for the UK Philosothon Website.

Western Australia
Perth Philosothon - Hale hosted the first Philosothon back in 2007. Trinity College will host 2017 Perth Philosothon. Contact Donette

Southern  WA Philosothon- Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School- Oct 29th Contact Person - Jane Kirkham-

North Western Australia- St Lukes College Philosothon- Karratha - Contact Person Donna Clifford

Albany - Albany High School Contact Lisa Bryan BRYAN Lisa [Albany Senior High School -

Western Austrlalian Primary School Philosothon The first WA Primary School Philosothon was held in 2013.

New South Wales
Sydney Philosothon
- St Andrews Cathedral School in Sydney is currently has hosting the Sydney Philosothon. Currently 22 schools
are involved in the Sydney Philosothon- Contact Jonathan Hall -

Northern NSW Philosothon  Bishop Druitt College in Northern Coffs Harbour will host their second Philosothon in 2013.  Contact
Sue Paff Bishop Druitt College

New Zealand- Parmerston North- Contact: Ross Intermediate College Contact Andrea Walker-

Victorian Secondary School Philosothons- 15th October 2013 Contact the Education Officer for the Victorian Association fo
Philosophy in Schools (VAPS)

Victorian Primary School Philosothons-The Federation for Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations are hosting the first
Primary School Philosothon in 2012. Contact
Rosemary Etherton

Victorian Middle Years Philosothon  The first Victorian Middle years Philosothon was held in 2016. Contact the VAPS office if you are
CLick here

Brisbane Philosothon- In 2013 there will also be a Brisbane Philosothon at St Laurence's College Contact-
Peter Ellerton-

Cavandish High School In 2014 Cavandish HS hosted a Philosothon for Year 7 students. Contact Adam Kuss at;

South Australia
Prince Alfred College will host the first South Australian  Philosothon in 2017. Contact Matthew Wills if you would like to know more

Tasmanian High Schools & Colleges Philosothon The first TAS High School & College  Philosothon was held in 2013 Contact Dr
David Treanor.

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Thinking philosophically is an adventure