Registration of Interest
This page has been created for schools that would like to participate in an ACT Philosothon at Radford
College on May 8th 2019. Please fill in the following details and then click on submit. We will get back
to you ASAP with further details about how to proceed.
Click here for more information on the
Philosothon website. Schools are invited to send a team of five students from Years 9-12. We are
aware that some schools only have senior secondary students and some cater for only lower secondary
students. A Senior College can enter a team of 5 students, two from Year 11 and two from Year 12. (+
a reserve)  Likewise a High School that only caters up to Year 10 can enter two Year 9s and two Year
10's (+ a reserve). If your school caters for Years 9-12 you must enter a student from all four year
levels. (+a reserve). We do not require names yet but please register ASAP to secure your place.
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