The following stimulus materials can be used in the 2019 Australasian Philosothons. Organising
teachers are invited to make these resources available to students leading up to the Philosothon.
Students who are participating will need to be familiar with the content of these resources at the
Philosothon and each student will need to submit four questions which together with the other
participant's questions will be the starting point of the discussions at the Philosothon. Please
note that only schools invited to participate in the Australasian Philosothon are eligible. There
selection panels for these topics consists of :
  • Dr Laura D'Olimpio- Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Education at Uni of Birmingham
  • Dr Alan Tapper- Edith Cowan University Perth WA
  • Matthew Wills Philosothon Project Manager
2019 FAPSA Australasian
Philosothon Resources
Click on the following questions to access the stimulus material.

Free Will and Determinism

2. Speaker

Knowing a person.

4. The veil of Ignorance (Baggini)

5. Speaker

There is no such thing as digital death: Can the internet help us live forever?
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