2019 NT Professional Development
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This program will feature an initial intensive two-day training course for all participating teachers, followed by class
visits by a teacher-educator to all participating schools, and an on-line support service for teachers requiring any
assistance outside of scheduled meetings and visits. As a pilot program, the process, method and support services
will be carefully measured and evaluated as we proceed.

We have calculated the up-front cost of the program at $600 per teacher for the full year – payable as a registration
fee prior to the commencement of the certificated training. The price will cover the cost of airfares, accommodation
and expenses for the visiting teacher-educators, but does not include a fee for their time or effort.

To support the establishment of Communities of Inquiry in NT schools, we will deliver a formal Certificate 1 Training
course for teachers -
Friday 22nd March and Saturday 23rd March 2019. The course will be held in Darwin and
will comprise a fairly intensive introduction to both the method and content of a Community of Inquiry in the
classroom, with special emphasis upon the development of critical thinking skills through collaborative discussion.

The training will provide teachers with a working knowledge of:
•        Practical examples of philosophical exercises and activities for the classroom
•        How to select and use appropriate stimulus material in your class
•        The use of questions and questioning in the inquiry process
•        The nature and pattern of collaborative inquiry
•        The use of reasoning and conceptual analysis in class discussions, with reference to common,
    central and contestable concepts.
•        An overview of the central areas of philosophy, with particular attention to Theories of
    Knowledge, Ethics and Logic.  

The training will be provided by a qualified teacher educator with extensive experience in the teaching of Philosophy
for Children in schools. Dr Tim Sprod and Rob Hitchcock will be conducting the workshop and follow-up. Please note,
we are hoping to attract at least two teachers from each participating school in order to establish a solid support and
advice network in the initial phases of the project.    
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