2019 Philosothon Topics

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1. Big Bang Cosmology and the Existence of God

2. Picasso on the Beach

3. The problem with consciousness

4. The Problem of Induction
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The following stimulus materials are FAPSA approved and can be used in 2019 regional  
Philosothons. Organising teachers are invited to make these resources available to
students leading up to the Philosothon. Students who are participating will need to be
familiar with the content of these resources at the Philosothon and each student will need
to submit four questions which together with the other participant's questions will be the
starting point of the discussions at the Philosothon.
Stimulus Committee members:

Matthew Wills - Philosothon Project Manager
Dr Laura D'Olimpio -  Birmingham University
Dr Alan Tapper - Edith Cowan University
Simon Kidd - Notre Dame University