These pages have been developed for students, teachers, judges and facilitators participating in the
2020 Australasian Association of Philosophy Philosothon-Online (AAPP)
Tuesday Sept 29th and Wednesday Sept 30th 2020
Invitations to participate in the Australasian Philosothon are sent to the winning schools from each regional Philosothon conducted in the preceding
year in proportion to the number of schools participating in each Philosothon. If there are 8-12 schools participating in a regional  Philosothon, then
the AAP will invite the top two schools from that Philosothon. If there are 25 schools or more then the top three schools will be invited to attend.  If a
school does not accept the offer then the next placed school will be offered a place. Each school sends two 14 year olds, two 15 year olds, two 16
year olds and two students to compete in the open division. (In other words Year 12s can be involved) In 2020 we will require schools to submit
students birthday must fall within 2020.
The Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) hosted the first online Australasian Philosothon on the 29th and 30th Sept 2020. Each of the
schools listed below accepted the invitation to participate in this event. These schools were among the top three schools in regional Philosothons
held in 2019.

Students from throughout Australasia had a unique opportunity to engage with
other students interested in philosophical inquiry. Eight students from each school
participated over two days. (two 14 year old’s, two 15 year old’s, two 16 year old’s
and two open year level students) Students participated in Community of
Inquiries, one student from each school in each group.  Eight groups occurred
simultaneously. Each group had a facilitator and a judge. Each COI ran for
40 minutes. Here is an outline of the program.

Click here for a report on the 2020 AAP Philosothon.

29th September- Day 1- Starting at 8 am Perth/9.30am Adelaide/ 10.00am AEST/1pm NZST
Welcome and Introductions- 30 minutes
-COI 1 (Seniors) - 40 minutes
-COI 1 (Juniors) - 40 minutes
Break - 30 minutes
-COI 2 (Seniors) - 40 minutes
-COI 2 (Juniors) - 40 minutes
Housekeeping 15 minutes
Finish time- 12.10 pm Perth/1.40pm Adelaide/ 2.10 pm AEST/ 5.10pm NZST                 

30th September-Day 2- Starting at 8 am Perth/9.30am Adelaide/ 10.00am AEST/1pm NZST
-COI 1 (Seniors) - 40 minutes
-COI 1 (Juniors) - 40 minutes
Break - 30 minutes
-COI 2 (Seniors) - 40 minutes
-COI 2 (Juniors) - 40 minutes
Housekeeping - 15 minutes

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Or contact Philosothon Manager - Matthew Wills-
  • Churchie  QLD
  • Hamilton Girls High School  NZ
  • Kinross Walaroi School   NSW
  • Lindisfarne        NSW
  • Loreto College         VIC
  • Marist College Qld
  • Mentone Grammar School        VIC
  • Merici College        ACT
  • Narrabunda College ACT
  • Nth Sydney Girls School        NSW
  • Our Lady of Mercy College     WA
  • PLC (Armidale)        NSW
  • Scotch College        WA
  • Seymour College        SA
  • St Andrews Cathedral School  NSW
  • St Ignatius College        SA
  • St Peters Girls School        SA
  • Telopea Park High School ACT
  • The King David School VIC
  • Waikato Diocesan School        NZ
  • Wesley College        VIC