These pages has been developed for students, teachers, judges and facilitators involved in the
2020 AAP Australasian Philosothon to be held at Wesley College Melbourne  29th Sept - 1st Oct.
Invitations to participate in the Australasian Philosothon are sent to the winning schools from each regional Philosothon conducted in the preceding
year in proportion to the number of schools participating in each Philosothon. If there are 8-12 schools participating in a regional  Philosothon, then
the AAP will invite the top two schools from that Philosothon. If there are 25 schools or more then the top three schools will be invited to attend.  If a
school does not accept the offer then the next placed school will be offered a place. Each school sends two 14 year olds, two 15 year olds, two 16
year olds and two students to compete in the open division. (In other words Year 12s can be involved) In 2020 we will require schools to submit
students birthday must fall within 2020.
The 2020 AAP
Philosothon has been
postponed to 2021
Dear All,

I am writing to you about the AAP 2020 Australasian Philosothon to be held at Wesley College 29th Sept-1st Oct. We have decided to cancel the event
outright this year. This was by no means an easy decision and a great deal of work has gone on behind the scenes already. While the Australasian
Philosothon is not for some time we are aware that there will be insufficient lead-in time for schools to adequately prepare students. Also schools will be
reticent to commit to participating while there is so much uncertainty. We are looking into any and all options to put something online for qualifying
schools and if this can be managed we will be in touch.

Thanks for your support in the lead up to this event. Without the dedication of teachers such as yourself these opportunities for students would not
happen. Up until the arrival of Covid-19 we were looking at 22 outstanding schools participating in this event and the AAP and Wesley College are keen
to follow up next year with the 2021 AAP Australasian Philosothon. We will be inviting those schools that qualified last year again in 2021.

Please pass on our apologies to any Year 12 students who having worked towards achieving qualification but will not have the opportunity to participate
in this peak event. Having met and observed some of them in action over the years it is a credit to you, their teachers that they are so capable in this
area. The level of sophistication and skills demonstrated by your students deserve more attention that they know.

Finally to all of you stay safe as we enter this strange time. We will come out the other end stronger and more resilient.

warm regards