The following stimulus materials will be used in the 2020 Australasian Philosothon. Organising Teachers
are invited to make these resources available to students leading up to the Philosothon. Students who are
participating will need to be familiar with the content of these resources at the Philosothon and each
student will need to submit four questions which together with the other participant's questions will be the
starting point of the discussions at the Philosothon. Please note that only schools invited to participate in
the Australasian Philosothon are eligible.
2020 Australasian Philosothon
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The Trolley Problem and Implications

2. Speaker Stimulus

The Case of the Four Causes

4. Sorry Mr Spock Science And Emotion Are Not Only Compatible Theyre Inseparable

5. Speaker Stimulus

Philosophical Scepticism
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Many thanks to the members of the advisory panel;
Dr Alan Tapper- Curtin University WA
Dr Laura D'Olimpio Birmingham University UK
Dr Karen Bland- La trobe University Vic
Professor Rob Wilson- University of WA