Philosothon Project.
Application form for 2019
Funding for Judges/Facilitators Honorariums
This subsidy will be available for schools hosting a Philosothon. Please note that
this will involve primarily secondary school Philosothons. Australian, NZ or
Singapore schools are eligible for funding. Over the course of the project this
funding will total $7,500.00. The amount paid to each judge/facilitator would be
up to
$250 would be paid to the host school to enable them to pay unwaged
judges/facilitators that have agreed to participate. A total of ten
judges/facilitators will receive an honorarium per year. Schools can apply for
multiple judges/facilitators involved in a single Philosothon. Please note that
there is a max of 3 honorariums for a single
regional Philosothon. Also note that
the vast majority of university based judges and facilitators will be happy to
participate as a judge FOC. This amount will ideally go to unwaged philosophers

or travel grants to assist people traveling to a Philosothon
Email Address
Phone Number
Brief outline including the date, timing and any other details about the Philosothon
your school is hosting;
Breakdown of type of funding required and a justification. If you know it already what
is the name of the judge/facilitator requiring the honorarium? Please indicate if you
require the funding because person is unwaged or for travel reasons.
Please note that in submitting this form you are indicating that you are applying for
this funding under the conditions listed above and the the funding will be used in
accordance with the funding conditions. You are also indicating that your school is  
happy to pay for any gap that might apply.
This project was made possible through the support of a grant from Templeton Religion Trust.
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