Philosothon Project
Application Form for 20
Level One Training Grants for Phd
This grant will be available for Phd students who would like to up skill
themselves to run Philosophical Communities of Inquiry. Students from NZ,
Singapore or Australia are eligible to apply. Please note that this funding is
confined to Introductory courses ($300 per students) or advanced teacher
training ($600). This training grant is available to current university students.
Over the course of the project this funding will total $9,000.00. ($3000 per
year) and this money will go towards training Phd. Philosophy students to
become facilitators. This money specifically targets University students
providing them with training skills and encourages their involvement in
Philosothons. Interested students are encouraged to fill out the form below.
Email Address
Mailing Address
Brief CV of applicant;
Which training course are you applying for? e.g Each of the FAPSA associations run
training. An introductory course or advanced teacher?  
Click here for a list of the
associations. Please include any relevant details here; Name of the relevant
association/who is offering the PD, When and where it is being held.
Please note that in submitting this form you are indicating that you are applying for
this funding under the conditions listed above and that the funding will be used in
accordance with the funding conditions. You are also indicating that you are happy to
pay any gap that might apply.
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