Philosothon Project
Application Form for 2019
Travel Grants for N.T.teachers
to attend training day
Please note this training day has been postponed. It was to be held on 23rd and
24th March in Darwin.  The training is part of a project supported by FAPSA and
the NT Education Department. Please
click here for a copy of the NT Pilot Project.
An essential task of this project is to support the training and development of
teachers. In 2019, we will provide five travel grants for Northern Territory teachers.
Each grant will provide up to
$1370 to the successful applicant. (Please note that
the registration fee for the seminar will still apply). There is a limit of one travel
grant per school. Successful applicants will be registered primary or secondary
teachers or administrators. They will be from schools in remote or regional parts of
the N.T. Aboriginal teachers and or teachers dealing with aboriginal students are
encouraged to apply. Please fill in the information below.
Email Address
Phone Number
Brief CV of applicant;
Please indicate a breakdown of how the funds will be used.
Please note that in submitting this form you are indicating that you are applying for this
funding under the conditions listed above and that the funding will be used in
accordance with the funding conditions. You are also indicating that you are happy to
pay the registration fee.
Click here for more information about the training.
This project was made possible through the support of a grant from Templeton Religion Trust.
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